April 13-15, 2018
Mar-Lu-Ridge Retreat & Conference Center
Jefferson, MD
$120 per person ($90 for LYO youth) includes:
program, housing, meals and a t-shirt!

Change Possible: Agents of Grace

None of us like to change our minds. Not parents. Not teenagers. Not siblings. Not teachers. Not society. Not church. Not people in charge of things. And yet… change is so often necessary. We need to learn and grow. We need to listen to new perspectives and adjust our own thinking. We need to better love our neighbors as Christ loved us, and strive for God’s justice and peace. But… change is hard to accomplish. Throughout history, God has called particular disciples to be agents of change, leading others by the power of the Holy Spirit into the future God has prepared for us. Come and learn from them, and learn how to be them.
This leadership retreat for Middle School youth is your opportunity to send up to four young people and one adult adviser for a weekend of faith exploration and leadership development. You’ll want to send 8th graders on the cusp of becoming your next group of leaders, 6th graders who are just starting to show signs of leadership, or anyone in between. Who you send is up to you!

Four easy steps to register:

#1. Distribute the Individual Registration Form to all participants. Your church’s Primary Leader will use the forms to complete the registration online. You’ll need to submit these forms when you check-in Friday. Remember to collect Scholarship Applications now.

#2. Using the Individual Forms, click here to register your group online (or use the embedded form below).

#3. Next, any scholarship applications must be included with your non-refundable payments of $120 per participant ($90 per LYO participant). Make checks out to the Delaware-Maryland Synod with “Transformers registration” and your congregation’s name in the memo line. Deposits must be postmarked by Wednesday, March 21, 2018 and sent to:

Transformers Registration
c/o Julie Stecker
575 S Charles Street, Suite 202
Baltimore, MD 21201

Note: Scholarship Applications must be included with your non-refundable payment of $120.

#4. That’s it! Once your deposit is received, the Primary Leader will receive a confirmation letter by email.