You can find all of the materials you need for the Synod Assembly here, but you can also access them easily through the free Guidebook app. Simply go to your mobile device’s app store and download Guidebook. Then, you can search for “Delaware-Maryland” or and download our guide. You can also access the full Guidebook from your desktop computer here.


Leading up to the Synod Assembly, we asked each conference (or pre-determined grouping of conferences) to come up with a question that they will ask each candidate for Bishop prior to the third ballot. There was a request to make these questions public prior to the Synod Assembly. Below, you will find the questions that we received:

  1. Why do you feel called to be bishop?
  2. How do you gauge the mission of the synod and what is your vision of how that path might proceed or re-direct in the next six years?
  3. How do you see Mar-Lu-Ridge as part of the synod’s mission? How would you, as bishop, support and encourage the ministry at Mar-Lu-Ridge? How do campus ministries, seminaries, and other agencies, institutions and organizations fit into your vision for the synod? What specifically have you done, and what would you do as Bishop to increase mission support so different ministries can be expanded?
  4. What have you done to help heal the wounds of racism in your community? What vision do you have to facilitate and empower congregations to work and advocate for issues around social justice with both urban and suburban churches – including but not limited to: housing, education, joblessness, substance abuse, racism, sexism, etc…? Given the structural limitations of our church, what would be a creative way of getting congregations to work together, especially as it relates to the Vision 2018 Plan voted on last year?
  5. Tell us about a recent interaction you’ve had with another rostered or lay leader in which you learned something new. How have you applied this in your current leadership position?
  6. Tell us about a time when you led a structural change in an organization and how you will apply that experience as you lead our synod.