TOGETHER – Making Mission Happen!

Mission Support represents our connectedness as a church and our desire to respond to God’s call to love and serve our neighbor in as many places as we can across our nation and around the world. Yes it is a dollar amount shared from congregations with our synod, but most importantly it is all about making mission happen! Our Synods and the churchwide organization steward Mission Support to fund ministries within our synod, the ELCA and to share with partner ministries such as Lutheran Social Services, campus ministry, outdoor ministry, and ELCA colleges and seminaries.

Hear Dana Dutcher, ELCA Manager of Impact Data and Reporting, share the value of mission support in providing grants for global mission: https://vimeo.com/397486302

Here is a great study guide on mission support to use with your congregation.  Plus check out a whole collection of ideas on how to talk about The Mission in Mission Support by clicking here.

2019/2020 De-Md Synod Congregation Mission Support Commitment

NEW – complete your Congregation Mission Support Commitment form online! You can find it in Resources or access here.   Our Delaware-Maryland Synod thanks each of our congregations for your commitment.  We are Called Forward Together to Grow and Multiply!




The way we talk about Mission Support is so important –it can make all the difference in helping people make the connection to mission:

  • Do your communications (announcements, bulletin messages, newsletter articles) emphasize mission first or money first?
  • Do you talk about stewardship and Mission Support as an opportunity for living out our faith or as an obligation/duty?
  • Do you share stories about people impacted by ministry or do you focus on the budget’s bottom line?


  • Mission Support allows us to act as church together for the sake of the world
  • Mission Support is the foundation and the fuel to do God’s work in the world
  • Mission Support means we can say “Yes” to the world in ways no individual congregation or synod can by itself


  • In what ways is our congregation passionate about serving our neighbors beyond our community?
  • What are the ministries stewarded by our synod and by our churchwide organization that connect with these passions?
  • How can we share the stories of these ministries with our congregation members so they know how they are a part of making a difference across the nation and the around world?