Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning. –Psalm 30:5

Pastor Jimmie Schwartz has been recovering from a significant car accident; his son, Christopher, posted this on Jimmie’s CaringBridge site, and I wanted to share his words with the larger life of the church. +bg

I haven’t been titling these posts, but if I did I would have called this one “The Best Medicine” because today, 10 days after the accident, Jimmie was finally able to see all four of his granddaughters face to face! We have been asking the nursing staff almost every day if they would please make an exception to the 12 years and older rule, but they wouldn’t budge. Late yesterday they determined that he had progressed enough to go on an excursion to the third floor atrium where he could meet with the girls. Today at 5:30PM, he was wheeled down to be with them all for 15 minutes, and what a great joy those minutes were. It was wonderful for them to crowd around, to hold his hand and talk with him, to deliver all of the kisses from their dog Jack that they had been saving. It was also difficult for them to see their Opa in his temporarily fragile state.

Today he was moved twice from the bed to the chair and then back to the bed. This upright sitting is helping to improve his breathing. Jimmie did say that today was HIS BEST DAY YET and that today’s pain was a “healing pain” on his way to getting better. His outlook was up from where it had been the past few days. I certainly think that hearing from so many of you has contributed to his improvement. Thank you to the many of you were praying for him to be encouraged. God is answering our prayers.

Now that he has been in the ICU for 10 days he has gotten to know many of the nursing staff and has his own little fan club. Several of the nurses who are no longer assigned to him come by his room just to say hi, ask how he is doing, or see if he needs anything. John is probably our favorite nurse. He had the first three night shifts during Jimmie’s stay. John came by today and said he could see Jimmie was getting better and had the right attitude to want to heal and get out of the hospital. (He also said that Jimmie was his favorite patient.)

Meredith continues to be by his side almost nonstop. Today was an encouraging day.

I will extol you, O Lord, for you have drawn me up, and did not let my foes rejoice over me. O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me. O Lord, you brought up my soul from Sheol, restored me to life from among those gone down to the Pit. Sing praises to the Lord, O you his faithful ones, and give thanks to his holy name. For his anger is but for a moment; his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning. As for me, I said in my prosperity, “I shall never be moved.” By your favor, O Lord, you had established me as a strong mountain; you hid your face; I was dismayed. To you, O Lord, I cried, and to the Lord I made supplication: “What profit is there in my death, if I go down to the Pit? Will the dust praise you? Will it tell of your faithfulness? Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me! O Lord, be my helper!” You have turned my mourning into dancing; you have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, so that my soul may praise you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever. –Psalm 30