Jamie Domm, author of Digital Discipleship & Evangelism, will lead an online workshop, “How to Build a Strong Digital Strategy for Your Church or Ministry,” on Monday August 24 beginning at 11am.   

From Domm’s presentation you will learn how to establish your brand, set goals and measure results through key performance indicators, choosing the right platforms for your target audience, developing and organizing an integrative communications strategy, best practices for digital communications, and more. By following the principles outlined in this presentation, you’ll be able to establish a strong foundation for implementing a comprehensive Digital Discipleship and Evangelism strategy.

You can register for the workshop below.

How to Build a Strong Digital Strategy for Your Church or Ministry

The Delaware-Maryland Synod is inviting you to a workshop on "How to Build a Strong Digital Strategy for Your Church or Ministry," hosted by Jamie Domm, author of the upcoming book, Digital Discipleship & Evangelism. This workshop is scheduled for 11am on Monday, August 24.

Join us for a time of learning and sharing about best practices and resources.

This presentation is designed for Pastors and Deacons, evangelism committee members, staff, and your congregation's technology and communication ministers - practically anyone who is willing and able to join.

There is no cost to attend, but you must register to receive the Zoom meeting information. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email indicating any next steps.
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