Youth Event Scholarships

In our synod, it is the hope that money never serves as a barrier between a young person and experiencing one of our youth events. Therefore, we are able to offer scholarships to our events for any youth participant. We do request that the young person, in conversation with their adult leaders, first ask the congregation if there might be any support available for their participation. If this is not possible for the congregation, they may apply for a scholarship from the Delaware-Maryland Synod.

Each scholarship applicant should fill out the scholarship application and submit it to their primary leader for the event. We ask that the youth leader or pastor of the congregation sign the application as well, to show that they have been included in the conversation. Once the primary leader has received all scholarship applications, they should fill out the form below for all applicants from their congregation. Please keep the hard copies of these forms in case we request them for our records. The limit for this form is five requests. If your congregation is requesting more than five scholarships, please contact Deacon Julie Stecker. The congregational form below is due by the event registration deadline – late requests may not be considered. You will be contacted after the registration deadline about the status of your application.

2019-2020 Youth Event Scholarship Application

Please use this form to submit scholarship applications for youth events during the 2019-2020 year. Participants should fill out the printed form located on our website, and primary leaders should use that information to fill out this form. All applications must be submitted by the event registration deadline. We will notify you regarding scholarship decisions after that date.
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