FreeRide 2018 Participant Adds/Drops/Substitutions

This page is for your church’s primary leader, who has already registered the congregation for FreeRide, to be able to make additions, deletions, and substitutions.

For any deletions, please remember that the $120/person minimum deposit is non-refundable after September 21. You may want to see about substituting this registration for another before canceling. Registrations are final within three weeks of the event, at which time the full balance is due per registered participant.

For any additions, you will need the Individual Registration Forms for each participant to be able to complete your group’s registration. You can bring these forms with you when you check-in at the event, along with the NorthBay Waiver Form that the camp requires. We will collect both of these forms on Friday, so please make copies for your records if needed.

If your changes result in additional members to your group, the only thing you will need to mail in at this time is the non-refundable, minimum deposit of $120/person. The deposit must be received in order to complete this registration – instructions will be included in your confirmation email.

If you still need the forms for your participants, they can be found here.