Opioid and Addiction Team

At our 2018 Delaware-Maryland Synod Assembly, the resolution, A Faithful Response to the Opioid Crisis, was approved calling upon our members to pray for those dealing with opioid and other substance abuse issues and their families; to create an Opioid and Addiction Team that will provide to congregations faith-based, scientifically sound, education in topics related to addiction prevention, active addiction and recovery support for opioid and other substance abuse addictions. It was also established that October 14, 2018, should be Opioid Crisis Sunday, during National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, and the team would provide worship resources for use by all synod congregations.

It is the hope of the Synod Opioid and Addiction Team that all synod congregations participate in an Opioid Crisis Sunday. The team has created a worship resource (click for PDF) to be used in all congregations for this special day.  This is an expansive resource with something to be used in all congregations including hymn and song selections, suggested readings and sermon preparation, a children’s sermon, interactive worship activities, prayers, and specialized liturgy elements.  If you have any questions, please contact team members, the Rev. Sara Yotter (Joy Reigns, Edgewater) or the Rev. Melissa Lemons (Unity, Wilmington).