hunger task force

The Hunger Task Force is committed to educating our congregations about this persistent and devastating problem throughout the world. Hunger is also very real for many living in our area.

Learn more about recruiting a Congregational Hunger Coordinator, joining the Hunger Task Force which meets every six weeks via WebEx, and participating in local efforts, by contacting Pastor Fred Melton.


Isaiah encourages us, “Your light rises as you feed the hungry.”  Once again our synod will have a NOISY CHANGE offering at the 2020 Synod Assembly.  Each congregation is encouraged to pick the Sunday best for you prior to the assembly to hold a noisy change offering at your church. Please then bring just $20.00 in change from what you collected to our Assembly, and mail the rest to into the synod. This year our offerings will be shared 50/50 between local hunger ministries in our synod and the ELCA World Hunger Program.  The hungry are down the block and across the globe.  Let us “see and serve Jesus” among the poor.  Get this years flyer here!

For more information, contact Pastor Fred Melton, Chair of the Hunger Task Force at [email protected].

Tim & Holly Awards 


Domestic Hunger Grants Program (Relief, Development, and Organizing grants available).
ELCA World Hunger Appeal materials for individuals and congregations