$500.00 – Seed Matching Grants for Congregational and Hunger Ministries 

The Hunger Task Force (HTF) of the Delaware-Maryland Synod has been funding churches and ministries that feed their communities and empower them in the battle with poverty.  In addition, in recent months, with the Coronavirus and subsequent financial crisis, hunger needs are even greater. Now the Task Force wants to partner with churches to expand resources for local food pantries and feeding ministries during these urgent times.  

We are looking for congregations to partner with the HTF to raise or donate $500.00 or more to a local food pantry or church feeding ministry. If you will partner, the Hunger Task Force (HTF) will match that $500.00.  The HTF will be able to match a total of 10 ministries at $500.00 each.

To find out more about this matching grant and how to apply, check this out! 


Hunger task force

 The Hunger Task Force (HTF) is committed to working collectively with congregations to (1) learn about hunger on the local and global level, and (2) inspire and work cooperatively in supporting hunger ministries locally on our synod territory, AND (3) combat hunger globally by supporting our ELCA World Hunger Program.

Learn more about educational materials, opportunities to be generous stewards in partnering with your community and ELCA, and to serve with our Task Force by contacting Pastor Fred Melton.  Does your congregation have a Hunger Contact Person or Coordinator for your congregation?  If so, please let us know or to learn more about recruiting a Congregational Hunger Coordinator, joining the Hunger Task Force which meets every six weeks via WebEx, or participating in local hunger efforts, contact Pastor Fred Melton.

The HTF works synod-wide to encourage congregations to hold an annual World Hunger Sunday, provided Mini-Grants to congregations, supported Mass Meal Assembly projects, encouraged all churches to participate in an annual Noisy Change Offering to benefit the ELCA World Hunger Program and often local ministries. Join us!   

What is your hope? ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving 2020

The prophet Isaiah proclaims that “. . When we share our bread with the hungry. . . Then your light shall break forth like the dawn.”  Isaiah 58: 7,8.

Thank you to all churches for letting God’s light shine through this amazing generosity.    

CELEBRATING Generosity and Unique Programing:  In 2019, Delaware-Maryland Synod congregations and individuals gave $315,000.00 to the ELCA World Hunger Program!

 Additionally, the ELCA recently partnered with several area ministries, including a 3 year Domestic Hunger Grant to Amazing Grace LC in Baltimore, and another to the Baltimore Outreach Services (partnering with Christ LC).  In addition, Daily Bread grants for basic feeding programs were given to Grace Lutheran – Westminster, Bread of God Lutheran Church in Baltimore, and St. John Lutheran Church in Essex, Baltimore to meet increased demand during COVID-19.  


 During the Pandemic, Domestic Hunger Grants can help.”  Each year the ELCA shares some of our World Hunger Funds for local church projects, administered as Domestic Hunger Grants.  These are significant grants intended to help attack hunger by addressing root causes of hunger.  Registration for participation AND Application timelines are April 1 – June 1, 2020.  A church or agency must register before applying. 

Learn more at: www.elca.org/domestichungergrants  


This spring we intended to celebrate a 5th Annual Noisy Change Offering, with a celebration at our May 2020 Synod Assembly.  As we know the Assembly has been canceled.  We encourage congregations to still participate.  With this new COVID-19 crisis, hunger needs have increased.  The HTF intended this year’s offering to be equally divided between (a) Local hunger ministries; and (b) The ELCA World Hunger Program.  If your congregation chooses to hold a special Noisy Change offering – either when corporate worship can be renewed or via any creative means you choose – we encourage you to hold 50% of your giving for the local food pantry of your choice and then mail the other 50% to the synod.  (Clearly earmark those funds for Noisy Change – ELCA Hunger.). Thank you.



Vacation Bible School – ELCA World Hunger has a curriculum appropriate for your church, this summer, fall, whenever.  Go to www.elca.org/Resources/ELCA World Hunger. 

ELCA Hunger Education Ministry “Hungering for Justice” Study Guidehttps://media.myworshiptimes4.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/57/2020/04/30165854/Hungering_For_Justice_Study_Guide.pdf

ELCA Hunger Education Ministry “Know Your Neighborhood” Guide: https://media.myworshiptimes4.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/57/2020/04/30165905/WH_Know_Your_Neighborhood_Guide.pdf

ELCA World Hunger Appeal materials for individuals and congregations