Definitely Abled Advocacy and Resource Team (DAART)


Mission Statement

To create inclusive congregations where all people – especially those with physical, developmental, and mental disabilities – will feel welcome and find meaningful opportunities to participate fully in the community of God.
​Despite growing awareness about disability issues not all congregations are fully inclusive. Often, architectural barriers are more easily understood than attitudes and negative stereotypes about people with disabilities.

We aim to improve accessibility and encourage full participation in our faith communities by working to reduce the stigma associated with disability through prayer, education, and advocacy.


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To get more involved with DAART, contact: Pastor Sandy Carlson Alexis

Need help? If you have some legal questions regarding individuals with disabilities and special education needs, please contact Pastor Sandra Carlson Alexis to be referred to an attorney within our synod who can provide resources and general information. Pastor Sandy can be reached by email or at First English Lutheran Church by calling 410-235-2356.