Coalition of Lutherans Advancing in


CLAIM provides a much-needed, essential forum for congregations in metro Baltimore, many of which deal with isolation and missed opportunities for shared ministry and resources.

Declining membership within 90% of Baltimore metro congregations and major changes in neighborhood culture are challenges we address with practical solutions and loving support.

You’re invited to join those committed to continuing Christ’s mission in metro Baltimore. Come claim your seat at the table!

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In our synod’s summer Racial Justice Ministry Team Listen and Learn Workshops, we learned the basics of Racism, its history and impact in our communities and in the church. Where do we go from here? How can I make a difference?

CLAIM (Coalition of Lutherans Advancing in Mission) is sponsoring three (3) CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS to help us move forward in understanding and implementing change within ourselves. Each month, we will read a book and then gather to discuss what we have learned and share ideas on how to “make the change.” You can get your book in either electronic or hard copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle (or any vendor you prefer).

We’ll provide you with a list of questions to consider as you read and then discuss what we have learned during a Critical Conversation via Zoom. We are asking interested participants to RSVP to [email protected] so we can provide discussion materials and Zoom links.

Tuesday, August 25th 7:00-8:15pm So you want to talk about race Author: Ijeoma Oluo
In this bestseller, Seattle-based writer prompts people of all races to start having honest conversations about race, giving readers handy phrases and questions to start unpacking racism within their own social networks. She tackles subjects ranging from intersectionality to microaggressions, or subtly racist remarks or actions.

Tuesday, September 22nd 7:00-8:15pm How To Be An Antiracist. Author: Ibram X. Kendi
This historian and New York Times best-selling author uses a mix of personal experiences, history, and science to show how a person can go from being racist to anti-racist, and how we can all build a new anti-racist society.

Tuesday, October 27th 7:00-8:15pm Dear Church Author: Lenny Duncan
Dear Church: A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the US
Lenny Duncan is the unlikeliest of pastors. Formerly incarcerated, he is now a black preacher in the whitest denomination in the United States: the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Shifting demographics and shrinking congregations make all the headlines, but Duncan sees something else at work–drawing a direct line between the church’s lack of diversity and the church’s lack of vitality. The problems the ELCA faces are theological, not sociological. But so are the answers.