There’s a new way to be connected and to support United Lutheran Seminary. To be a United Partner involves more than simply sending a check. It is an act of accompaniment with people who are discerning God’s call to rostered leadership. It is recognizing that people do not function in a vacuum, but are an integral part of God’ realm on earth, sustaining and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ for future generations to come.

Through the United Partner Initiative, congregations can journey with seminary students as they experience faith formation, learning, and finding their own unique way to answer God’s call to serve in a broken world. If you wish to join this new initiative as a partner congregation, go to You will receive a welcome packet and information on how to make your contributions as seamlessly as possible.

What do United Partners Gain?

  • Invitations to an annual summit of partners with the President and Cabinet on either campus
  • Periodic zoom meetings to share information and ideas with Dr. Zimmann
  • Discounts on overnights at campus facilities and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Visits from guest preachers associated with ULS (subject to availability)
  • A partnership certificate, Advent Star, and Lenten devotionals

What does United Lutheran Seminary Gain?

  • A better understanding of the congregations for whom we seek to provide rostered leadership
  • A possible resource/think tank of people from different walks of life who have a passion for the church and its ministry in the world
  • Monthly financial contributions from member congregations

We are grateful for any gift a congregation is willing to share.  For further conversation or with questions, please email Rev. Dr. Martin Otto-Zimmann, Director of Church Relations at [email protected]. For complete information on United Lutheran Seminary: