Interview with the “Nones”

In this interview with Pastor Fred Lehr he shares about some interviews he did with seven “None” students. What he learned and shared will help all church leaders as we interact with more and more of those that identify as “None!”

Downloads to share or edit for local use: PowerPoint Slides

Go deeper with Becoming a 21st-Century Church: A Transformational Manual by Fred Lehr and They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations by Dan Kimball

Discussion Questions:

  1. As you listened to the things Fred learned, what struck you the most?
  2. What area of your ministry or personal interaction with others needs to change after listening to this interview?

Lessons from Camp Ministry


While many of our kids are at camp this summer, this video interview with Dan Scharnhorst will help reflect on how camp ministry can also bless our congregations!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is one principle of camp ministry that could apply to your ministry more deeply?
  2. How would you apply that principle is your current context?

Creation Care

This interview with Laura Heller and Pastor Tormod Svensson, who head the Synod Creation Care Ministry, has lots of wonderful ideas and resources in this interview to help you encourage and lead in this area!

Going Deeper:


Discussion Questions:

  1. What is one new idea or resource that you learned from this interview
  2. What is one idea you can implement in the near future to encourage or make practical changes in the area of Creation Care?

Bishop Bill Gohl on the Multiracial Church

This great interview will give you much to think on and many ways to help your congregation become more racially integrated!


  • Word document listing all the ideas shared

Discussion Questions:

  1. What ideas about why to seek a multiracial church speak to you?
  2. What are several ideas about how to have a more multiracial church that would be effective in your setting?