Healthy Congregational Bodies

This video will help your congregation and leaders to interact in healthier ways by reflecting on the Apostle Paul’s metaphor of “The Body of Christ!”

Downloads to share or edit for local use:  PDF Document

Go deeper by reading Health Congregations: A Systems Approach by Peter Steinke.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is one new area of congregational health this teaching made you think about?
  2. What idea or principle can you incorporate into your leadership to improve the health of your congregation?

Your Leadership Edge: Part 2

This teaching video will explore the vital skill of “Manage Self!” It’s the second of a four part summary of the excellent book, Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere.

Downloads to share or edit for local use:  PDF

Go deeper by buying the book! You would also enjoy the Your Leadership Edge Website.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of the six “Manage Self” elements are ones you struggle with in your own leadership?
  2. How can you more deeply include one of these six elements in a leadership situation you are currently working on?

Being on Fire, Without Burning Out

It’s a huge challenge for church leaders to be passionate without burning out and this short but powerful teaching will provide some ideas and practical steps to mange this tension. Especially for this lesson, if you know someone on the verge of or wrestling with burnout, forward this to them!

Going Deeper:

Downloads: Powerpoint

Discussion Questions:

  1. Honestly assess yourself and rate from 1-10 your level of “being on fire” and also of “burnout.”
  2. What practical steps can you take right now to address those levels?