Your Leadership Edge: Part 1

Learn four skills that will take your leadership to the next level! This video summary of the first skill, “Diagnose Situation” is from Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere, a short, but wonderful book.

Downloads to share or edit for local use:  PDF

Go deeper by buying the book! You would also enjoy the Your Leadership Edge Website.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of the six “Diagnose Situation” elements are ones you forget to include as you diagnose?
  2. How can you include these six elements in a leadership situation you are currently working on?

Four Vital “Why” Questions

It’s vital that we understand and can articulate the why of being a disciple and a church leader and this short video will give you four questions to help you do so!

Going Deeper:


Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of the questions did you most struggle with answering?
  2. How can the communication about our congregation reflect the answers to these four questions?

​How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This TED talk by Simon Sinek is one of the most popular because it points out the incredible importance of, “Why?” Although important in any organization, church leaders always need to lead from the “Why” because ours is life transforming!


Discussion Questions:

  1. Can you clearly articulate the “Why” of your faith and ministry?
  2. How can you more clearly connect your “why” with the “how” and “what” of your ministry?

Discerning Is Not Deciding

This video will definitely help congregational leaders to think about their role in new and powerful ways! Many, many thanks to Pastor Eric Evers who taught this at the Growing Spiritual Leaders Delmarva Conference Event.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What new thoughts did you have about your role as a leader?
  2. What behavior will you try to change, by the power of the Holy Spirit, this week in your leadership?