Healthy Congregational Bodies

This video will help your congregation and leaders to interact in healthier ways by reflecting on the Apostle Paul’s metaphor of “The Body of Christ!”

Downloads to share or edit for local use:  PDF Document

Go deeper by reading Health Congregations: A Systems Approach by Peter Steinke.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is one new area of congregational health this teaching made you think about?
  2. What idea or principle can you incorporate into your leadership to improve the health of your congregation?

Who Will Replace Eugene Peterson and Other Great Leaders?

We lost a great Christian leader when Eugene Peterson died on October 22, 2018. This blog post by Carey Nieuwhof not only remembers Eugene, but also points us toward great leadership including a podcast link to one of his last interviews. (If you’re not familiar with Peterson, this article will introduce you and this one reminds us of the importance of character.)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of the seven “voices of depth” that Nieuwhof writes about do you struggle with most?
  2. What practical steps can you take to develop this depth of character in your life and ministry?

Your Leadership Edge-Part 4

This fourth and final video explores the skills to Skillfully Intervene,  the fourth part of the excellent book, Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere.

Downloads to share or edit for local use: PDF Document

Go deeper by buying the book! You would also enjoy the Your Leadership Edge Website.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of these six chapters is your growing edge when skillfully intervening?
  2. How can you incorporate one of these ideas into a current leadership challenge you are experiencing?