The Delaware-Maryland Synod Council is empowered to ensure the proper and vital operation of our synod.


The Rev. Bill Gohl (2022)
St. Mark’s, Baltimore


Vice President
John Auger (2019)
Grace, Hockessin
Nancy Gordon (2020)
Zion, Middletown

San Dee Koons
Hope, Middleborough


Mission Team Leader – Congregations
Jennifer Simms (2020)
All Saints, Baltimore


Mission Team Leader – Leadership
The Rev. Mike Louia (2018)
First Evangelical, Ellicott City
Mission Team Leader – Partnership
Claudia Harrington (2017)
St. Paul, Jefferson
Conference Cluster A (Clergy)
The Rev. Chasity Wiener (2018)
Holy Communion, Fallston
Conference Cluster A (Lay)
Pamela Estes (2018)
St. Peter, Ocean City


Conference Cluster B (Clergy)
The Rev. Michael Guy (2018)
St. Philip’s, Baltimore
Conference Cluster B (Lay Female)
Andrea Fuller (2018)
St. Philip’s, Baltimore
Conference Cluster C (Clergy)
The Rev. Virgil Cain (2017)
Trinity, Union Bridge
Conference Cluster C (Lay Male)
Dennis Page (2017)
Good Shepherd, Frederick


Conference Dean
The Rev. Matthew Fuhrman (2017)
Prince of Peace, Rosedale
Youth Representative
Shannon Baker (2017)
Zion, Middletown
Young Adult Representative
Leanne Elliott (2018)
Grace, Westminster